My name is Delaney.


***I am always open to reviewing books from indie authors and I also accept review requests, but as a result of the high amount of reviews and ARCs that I take in I have to limit them. Please send me an email if you would like me to review something for you. Thanks!***


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Some of the more important things that you should know are this:

I’m 20-something. Books and chocolate are my boyfriend. I live in a home full of wild beasts, some human and some not, and I love them all for infinity. I read so many books that sometimes I’m afraid the books will run out. When I see that one of my favorite books is becoming a movie I die a little on the inside. I broke up with California to go steady with Chicago. There’s more to me
than that, but those are the important facts.


Myself and Voldemort. Obviously, Voldemort is the cat.
Myself and Voldemort. Obviously, Voldemort is the cat.