The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett

What are you hiding, Lizzie? This cover feels like velvet, btw.

Review for ‘The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett’ by Chelsea Sedoti

The Synopsis: “A teenage misfit named Hawthorn Creely inserts herself in the investigation of missing person Lizzie Lovett, who disappeared mysteriously while camping with her boyfriend. Hawthorn doesn’t mean to interfere, but she has a pretty crazy theory about what happened to Lizzie. In order to prove it, she decides to immerse herself in Lizzie’s life. That includes taking her job… and her boyfriend. It’s a huge risk — but it’s just what Hawthorn needs to find her own place in the world.”

The Review: Golly. Guys…I can’t even. I should tell you all a little something about myself that will have most of you fellow book nerds pulling your hair out and questioning my sanity: I always read the last few pages of a book when I start the first few chapters. It’s because I’m the type of person who stresses too much about who loves who, who is going to die, and who the heck killed them. I have zero book patience. This book however, was different. I stayed up all night last night finishing this one because I couldn’t go to bed without knowing how it ended. I’m SO glad that I didn’t spoil it for myself. This book was good. Like, really solid book hangover good. I really don’t want to give any spoilers away here…but I may have to eventually write a spoiler post for this one just so I can sort my feelings out on a page. lol. This book was the type of book that had me retelling the whole thing to Andy at 12 in the morning when I finished it because there were so many feels. That being said, let’s get this review started.

Our main character, Hawthorn (I love that name, btw. There are some cool character names in this book. Kudos to the author for avoiding the the boring, typical names we tend to see in contemporaries) started out annoying as all heck. I couldn’t stand her. She was self-centered, seemingly clueless, and obsessed over a girl that she barely knew. It borderline creeped me out and I definitely didn’t want to get to know Hawthorn because she was kind of a jerk. I was even initially concerned that this is what the author was going to stick me with throughout the whole freaking book. However, her character was very well written…I think that the author wants you to get that vibe from Hawthorn at first and as the book progresses, I really learned to love Hawthorn as she grew and transformed as a character. By the very end, I wanted to call her up and invite the chick over for some popcorn and a movie night. Clearly, as the synopsis states, a local girl goes missing from a camping trip and her disappearance is shrouded in mystery…did she get eaten by wild animals? Did her boyfriend slaughter her in the woods? It is a big deal, and what makes it even more interesting is Hawthorn’s reaction to it. I mean, I actually had to double check the genre of the book that I was reading once Hawthorn reveals her theory surrounding the whole incident. I thought the book would be about her search for truth, but it was oh so much more than that. There are life lessons to be learned. Relationships, both family and not, to be broken and mended and changed. There is the actual mystery surrounding Lizzie’s disappearance. The author did a wonderful job of making this book a story about so many different things at once, and how they affected Hawthorn. Some of the really high points from this book were the interactions that Hawthorn has with supporting characters. There are so many great supporting characters in this book and I bonded with every single one of them at some point because they were written so well.  Some of my faves included a caravan of hippies and a crew of diner regulars that ended up winning my heart. There are also characters that I didn’t feel so warm and fuzzy about but it was because of who they were as characters, not because of an author error or anything. Cheslea Sedoti wrote every personality into this story with thought and care. Again, no spoilers, but I will tell you this much: Yes, you find out what happened to Lizzie Lovett at the end. You also get some beautiful closure to the whole story and everything that Hawthorn has experienced. While there are romantic relationships, this book is nowhere near a cheesy romance. Everything is very realistic in that regard, which is perfect. If the author had given me some sort of candy-coated love affair I would’ve suffered to finish the whole thing. Hawthorn’s interactions with Lizzie’s boyfriend, Enzo, are interesting and unique compared to other things I’ve read in other YA titles. You guys, even if you aren’t into contemporary…read this one. It has got a little bit of something for everyone. Don’t pull a ‘me’ and read the ending. Just buy it, settle in for the night, and binge read. You won’t regret it, and I’ll also have someone to experience this book hangover with. 😛


The Conclusion: Read this if you’re into: Mystery, life lessons, and books that make you feel things

Don’t read this if you can’t stand: Tense social situations, suspense, books without romance

The Rating: 5 out of 5  bright yellow stars to match the lemon cover, because this book made me feel things. This book taught me that you can learn to love characters as they evolve. By the end, I felt like I had experienced everything first hand.

My Spoiler for This Book: Coming Soon.

Author’s Goodreads Page: Chelsea Sedoti Goodreads


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