Gidion’s Hunt (Gidion Keep, Vampire Hunter #1) Review

My favorite version of the cover that's available. You know, just a kid in a hoodie...killing vampires.
My favorite version of the cover that’s available. You know, just a kid in a hoodie…killing vampires.

Review for ‘Gidion’s Hunt (Gideon Keep, Vampire Hunter #1) by Bill Blume

The Synopsis: “For Gidion Keep, hunting vampires is easy—it’s high school that might kill him.

Hunting vampires is a Keep family tradition. Dad quit the business over a decade ago when Mom was killed, so Grandpa has been teaching Gidion—in secret—to take up the hunt. As Gidion closes in on the local coven, however, he discovers their evil plans to kill off a student and a teacher.

To complicate matters, the vampires know they’re being hunted and they’re determined to kill Gidion and everyone he’s protecting, no matter what it takes. For Gidion, the odds are immense and his first test as a vampire hunter may be his last, but he will have help: one of his best friends might be the key to finding the vampires’ lair and finishing them once and for all…if he can be trusted.”

The Review: This was a fast read for me. So if you take this one on, don’t expect a long and drawn out storyline. That being said, it was one of the reasons that I actually liked the book. There is not a lot of angsty teenage monologue or emotional drawn out chapters like in some YA vampire books. Gidion is a fun main character because he’s so nonchalant about all of the terrifying stuff he takes part in. Killing a vampire and trying to make it home before his dad freaks out? No problem, as long as he can get the body to his grandpa’s crematorium in time. Accidentally getting caught by his school teacher after he saves her from becoming a Dracula snack in the city? Not too bad either, maybe it means he can get extra credit in class. He’s hilarious in that sense. I was unsure about reading a book with a male lead (most YA books I read have female protagonists) but it was refreshing to see things from a guy’s perspective and avoid the emotional drama. He wasn’t insensitive, though. Gidion proves that he is willing to fight for others in true hero fashion. As far as the plot goes, there were some things that were a bit unrealistic (I know, I know, it is a vampire book.) that stuck out for me. For instance, Gidion seems to do a lot of ‘body hauling’ for a tenth grade kid. I know that boys are strong, but hauling around multiple adult dead vampire bodies by yourself seems like it would be more difficult that it plays out in the book. Everything seems to fall in place for Gidion in that respect. There are a few close calls, but I feel like the author made it too easy for Gidion to get away with essentially stabbing people in public all of the time. The second complaint is his dad’s oblivious attitude to Gidion’s behavior. His dad used to be a hunter himself, how could he not know what his son is up to? I’m hoping we get more explanation to that one in book two. I think the last thing I would’ve liked to see done a bit differently were the villains. I won’t write any spoilers now, but I will say that the motivation behind some of the crimes in this book were ridiculous. I’ll elaborate more on that when I get around to actually writing the spoiler review.  In a way though, the way things played out remind me of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ before she got all weird in college. I liked that. There’s simple motivation and action in this book. I can’t wait to read the second one to see where the author plans to take everything.  All in all, it was lighthearted and had a sincere main character. (I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review).

The Conclusion: Read this if you’re into: Fast paced action, witty main characters, and good ol’ fashioned vampire slaying.

Don’t read this if you can’t stand: Lack of emotional dialogue, kids with unrealistic amounts of freedom to do what they want, or weak villains.

The Rating: A solid 3.5 out of 5 stars because it was a good, quick story. I would’ve given 4 stars, but I can’t get past the villains’ motivation and cheesiness. I still recommend giving this one a shot and I look forward to book two.

My Spoiler for This Book: Coming Soon

Author’s Goodreads Page: Bill Blume Goodreads


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