My Secret to Tell Review

This chick doesn't look like she goes to high school, just sayin'...
This chick doesn’t look like she goes to high school, just sayin’…

Review for ‘My Secret to Tell’ by Natalie D. Richards

Synopsis: “Emmie’s had a crush on her best friend’s brother forever. Deacon is the town bad boy who’s always in trouble, but she sees his soft side when he volunteers with her at the local animal shelter. She doesn’t think he’s dangerous…until he shows up in her bedroom with blood on his hands.

Deacon’s father has been violently assaulted and Deacon is suspect number one. Emmie’s smart enough to know how this looks, but she also knows Deacon’s biggest secret—he’s paralyzed by the sight of blood. She’s sure he didn’t do this. Or did he? Because even Deacon’s own sister thinks he’s guilty…”

The Review: I have a hard time categorizing this one, so I chose ‘thriller’, but it also fits in as a contemporary/mystery. I wasn’t sure what to think by reading the synopsis alone and the first chapter was also a bit confusing to me because there was a lot going on. However, after reading for a bit longer I began to better understand the relationships between the characters. Our story starts in the middle of some intense action and it doesn’t really calm down much from that point on. I kind of felt like I was watching a teenage action film, or maybe a made for tv mystery movie. That’s not to say it was bad, just that it was fast paced and pretty straightforward. Deacon’s dad was assaulted and Emmie and Deacon are set to prove that Deacon is not guilty. Everybody thinks that he is, but Emmie has known him forever and feels within her heart that he didn’t do anything wrong. That being said, it’s up to them to evade the police while they try to find out who really committed the crime, as well as keeping out of trouble with Emmie’s overprotective parents. There is a bit of romance, which I found cute. The villains in this story were pretty generic though, and I guessed who committed the crime early on.  I suppose if you are looking for a fast paced thriller with a hint of romance, this one is for you. I wouldn’t expect much depth or emotional growth, but there is a good amount of closure at the end.

The Conclusion: Read this if you’re into: Mystery, fast paced storylines, and a hint of romance

Don’t read this if you can’t stand: Parents who have trust issues, stressful situations, or being able to easily guess the villain early on.

The Rating: I gave this 3 out of 5 stars because it was a solid story, but nothing really tugged on my heartstrings or got my heart racing. I think the most intense scenes were the ones with Emmie and her overprotective parents.

My Spoiler for this book: Coming Soon

Author’s Goodreads Page: Natalie D. Richards Goodreads


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