Rock &. Release Review

Ok, is this title SUPPOSED to seem so innuendo-y? :P
Ok, is this title SUPPOSED to seem so innuendo-y? 😛

Review for ‘Rock & Release’ by Riley Edgewood

The Synopsis: “She wants something easy. What she needs might be something else.

Cassidy Evans is looking for an escape over her college summer break. And when one night with a few too many martinis leads her to sexy guitarist, Gage Logan, she may have found exactly that.

He’s hot and he’s sweet, and in the bedroom he’s enough to make Cassidy forget her own name. Multiple times. But as her heart opens to Gage, feelings she’s been trying to avoid slip through, too. Regret over her rocky relationship with her parents. Pain from her brother’s recent death. Guilt over a fallout with her best friend… As much as she craves Gage, she can’t unlock her heart the way he deserves.

Enter Luca James, international rock star and lead singer for Gold Rush Standard. Cassidy can’t stand his music. She can’t stand his arrogance. And, when he sets his sights on more than the drinks she serves him, she especially can’t stand how she’s drawn to his no-strings-attached flirting.

Soon Cassidy will have to make a choice: ignore her heart and go after the carefree life she covets, or stand strong to face a bittersweet reality.

Either way, she risks losing everything she truly wants.”

The Review: Well. Just…well. I didn’t love this one, but I also didn’t hate it. As far as NA romance novels go, it did provide plenty of steamy sex scenes. So if that is something that you really enjoy, then you’ll love this one. For those of us who crave a little bit more substance, I’m on the fence as to whether or not to recommend it. You all know (and if you don’t, then you’ll learn now) that I’m pretty faithful to not posting spoilers in my review-only posts, so I’ll try to elaborate the best that I can without giving anything away. There are some heavy topics touched upon in this book. I like how the author gave the main character a troubled family life after the tragic death of her brother. It helped me feel as if she had substance and wasn’t just a sex crazed hormonal girl looking for some hot musician hook up with. However, take away the family drama and the dead brother and that is what you’re left with: A girl who wants to hook up all of the time and is pretty airheaded while doing so. There is a lot of jumping into bed casually with near strangers in this book. Hey, to each her own, but Cassidy meets a guy and literally hooks up with him the same night. She meets another guy and does almost exactly the same thing. The book literally opens with Cassidy fantasizing about sex. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was repetitive and annoying at times. That being said, Gage was a decent male lead. He was faithful, sweet, and forgiving. Gage seemed to be a sincere character. It made the whole love triangle schpiel with Luca seem ridiculous.  When done correctly, a love triangle can be really stressful and well-written. This was not the case in this book and it put a damper on my reading experience, since it was a huge chunk of what the author focused on for plot conflict. Another point that I had an issue with were the friendships that Cassidy had. As you can see in the synopsis, Cassidy gets into a fight with her best friend. Well, sorry babe, but the ‘best friend’ in this book was completely unrealistic. She was borderline psycho-evil. I never really did understand why she acted the way she did…the author left that unexplained, really. In regards to how Cassidy treated her other friends, she wasn’t such a good one. Everybody in this book seemed to love and want to stick by Cassidy, when in real life I feel like they would have stopped trying long ago. There are a few ‘villains’ of sorts in this book. Both of them were convincingly annoying, so kudos for the author at writing bad guys who we can all agree to hate.  I also really liked the way that Cassidy’s personal drama with both her family and her brother’s death were addressed in the last chapters. In the end, there is closure and legitimate self discovery with the main character, but was it enough for me to tell my friends to give it a try? I really don’t know. Maybe if you’re in a reading slump and want some sex and cheap drama… (I received this book in exchange for an honest review)

The Conclusion: Read this if you’re into: Steamy sex scenes, faithful male leads, and intense personal drama.

Don’t read this if you can’t stand: Unrealistic relationships, oblivious main characters, or love triangles.

The Rating: A tentative 2.5 out of 5 stars because of the self discovery and closure that the author provided. I can’t give more because the unrealistic sexual encounters and relationships marred it for me.

My Spoiler for This Book: Coming Soon

Author’s Goodreads Page: Riley Edgewood Goodreads


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