Until Beth Review

I feel like when my guitar dies I'll bury it, too. *sniffle*
I feel like when my guitar dies I’ll bury it, too. *sniffle*

Review for ‘Until Beth’ by Lisa Amowitz

Release Date: 9/29/2015

The Synopsis: “Talented rock guitarist Beth Collins has been barely holding herself together for months, ever since her boyfriend and bandmate became the latest victim in a string of suspicious disappearances. When her brother is injured an accident and she sees something dark billowing around him as he hovers close to death, she’s convinced her sanity is collapsing for good.

Then she’s accepted by a boarding school for the musically gifted. All of her new friends are bursting with talent, but they’re also keeping secrets. Can she trust Vincent, who’s so sweet that his very touch makes her fears melt away? Or Xavier, who’s trying to tell her something but is hiding even more?

And will anyone be safe when her true Talent comes out?”

The Review: I have really mixed feelings about this story. I felt that it started off slowly but then as soon as Beth ends up at the school for the artistically gifted things move at an almost ridiculously fast pace. I also have to say that I was confused at the way Beth reacted to some of the things that happened to her. For the sake of not posting spoilers I won’t say much, but sometimes something would happen to her that would make any rational person want to run away as fast as possible. However, clueless Beth took it all in stride and just kept going as if nothing had happened. And we’re talking some really major things that you can’t ignore or explain away. I promise to post a spoiler soon so I can really express my thoughts on that. Another complaint that I had is that the plot seemed to bounce all over the place. When I read the synopsis for the novel, as well as looked at the giant guitar shaped grave on the cover, I assumed that there would be a decent amount of music in this book. However, there really wasn’t. I’m not sure why the author chose to make the music pitch on this one when it is clearly more about paranormal abilities. It felt to me that music was supposed to be a big deal to Beth, but she rarely touches on it. As far as the major villain, I’m actually incredibly confused as to who that actually is. There are some obvious players, but they don’t have the proper motivations and I feel that the character development wasn’t too hot when it came to the villains. I did like the fair amount of mystery in this one, it leaves us hanging on a bit of a cliffhanger, but I wasn’t really emotionally attached to any of the characters.  I think at some points, when it would be too inconvenient to go in depth with plot development, our author just decided to throw in random explanations for problems that are unexplained. Pretty disappointing on that front. Lastly, there was a random romance and the beginnings of a possible (groan) love triangle that was also super cheesy and unrealistically developed. Kind of like, “Hello. I love you. The end.”. All in all, I’m interested to see where the sequel takes our characters, but I’m really hoping the author works on plot and character development. The idea was there, the execution was just not as good as it could have been. (I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review).

The Conclusion: Read this if you’re into: Books heavy on the paranormal, independent characters, and a bit of a mystery.

Don’t read this if you can’t stand: Confusing plot direction (with a cliffhanger), villains without explanation, and romantic relationships that start pretty quickly.

The Rating: A rocking 3 out of 5 stars because the idea was cool, but the execution was just not quite there yet. Let’s see how the sequel ends up.

My Spoiler for this Book: Coming Soon.

Author’s Goodreads Page: Lisa Amowitz Goodreads


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