Looking For Something New To Read?

Voldemort enjoys all of the books.
Voldemort, our resident blogger cat, enjoys all of the books.

This site was created by a book nerd for book nerds. 

Things that you will find here include:

  • Book reviews
  • Book spoilers (don’t worry, little nerdlings, you will only view spoilers if you choose to view them.)
  • Giveaways
  • Awesome content that may or may not cause your brain to explode.

Quick links to all of my reviews and spoilers can be located in the drop down menu to the right —>

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I have them organized by category, but they are also organized by author if you are looking for something specific.

All spoilers will be listed in the ‘spoilers’ section, but you will find a link for specific book spoilers on the review pages for each book as well. Don’t click the spoilers if you don’t want to know what happens in them!